Online Casinos That Have Live Dealers

Howdy Mates,
It’s really great to be writing the Casino Daily Blog again! Thanks for checking me out.
Lately, I’ve been playing at online casinos that have live dealers with my friend. It appears that he always wins and I usually am down, he is constantly telling me, what a character. Anyways, we’ve had lots of excellent fun, up or down.
To begin, at the moment I wanted to review live online casinos. I’ll describe what they are ,also, what some of the good and bad are. I’ve been noticing these more and more and they are getting popular amongst streamers and bloggers, without hesitation, let’s get on with it.

What are live online casinos? Well, online websites have noticed the impersonal computer program they have doesn’t cut it. The actual employee gives a more close game play that will not be replaced by a program. So, creatively enough, sites are mingling cams and casino software to give the end user online casino gaming with actual dealers that really hand out the cards or spin the wheel. The experience can feel like you have a personal dealer at your disposal, we like to pretend ,anyways, and it makes me feel fancy.

What are the good things to live online casinos? Many people think that the RNG for a casino isn’t very random. There is some truth to this, but the general consensus is that it is random enough for their purpose. Some complain it is too random and you will not have those great up and downs players would usually. I feel this can make the games seem to be true to a live casino and the swings feel more real. Players can’t be swindled nearly as easy if they have a person distributing actual cards where you can see them. I believe the issue may not even be the randomness, but that gaming against an automatic dealer just gets you to believe you have been jipped somehow. The social aspect of it is great also, it’s a heap of fun getting to have other gamblers at the game. This also brings in the whole dynamic of gamblers saving you or hurting you by taking your cards, or giving you one you really needed instead!

What are the things I don’t like? Logically, there can be slow dealers and fast dealers. I’ve never seen a real dealer which can give hands as seamlessly as an automated dealer. In addition, there are minimum bet reqs and there are normally many people gambling at your game. Therefore, if you prefer to just lose yourself and gamble, a program may feel better. Live dealers make mistakes, there’s none more devastating for instance of having been cheated out of a win when an ’actual person’ ships your money to another person at the table, although the managers in those cases appear to be very adept at handling this and obviously there is footage of the game which helps. It could either be a good thing or a bad thing, but lots of the dealers can be distracting. Casinos seem to get ladies with abnormally large knockers that wear shirts ,or lack thereof, which almost don’t fit them. Besides that, I believe live online casinos are a blast and ,by a lot, better than your historic web video poker layout.

Thank you again for Casino Daily. We went over the basics of what a live online casino is and some of the good and the some of the bad. Anyways, should be worth having a shot if you have not previously. It is nice to appreciate new ways sites are recreating online casino games.


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