Casino Bonus FAQ

Casino Daily Blog is proud to introduce to you our casino bonus guide. This guide is meant to be all that you need in order to get your feet wet with casino bonuses. Most casino bonus sites tend to have a ton of spam or biased reviews when it comes to casinos, so I’ve listed my favorite casino bonus site for you. As follows is a guide that will give anyone the tools to successfully make a heap of money doing casino bonuses.

  • Do your work – What does this mean? It means don’t just play, always look for the best bonuses and information. If you plan on playing long term some sites may even offer a rakeback, but only if you sign up with the right code etc. Also, avoid the garbage, lots of casino sites suck and it’s not worth depositing a dime onto any of those.
  • What kind of bonus are you looking for? There are multiple types of bonuses. Free spins, no deposit, matched bonuses, the list goes on and will continue to as casinos have to keep it fresh to get new business. This being said check back regularly. No deposit bonuses are just that, bonuses that do not require a bonus to play. You want to make sure the site also does not require a deposit to withdraw, some do. Matched bonuses, these are the holy grail. Most people look over them because they require a deposit. These are some of the most valuable bonuses people! Build up a good amount of money using no deposit bonuses and try some of these out. You won’t be sorry, I promise. These types of bonuses also refresh frequently. Most other takes on casino bonuses such as free spins are just another play on the no deposit bonus.
  • How hard is it to clear the bonus? Don’t play bonuses you can’t clear, especially if given another option. I have discovered that most bonuses that have a playthrough of 50 or less tend to be profitable for me. On a matched bonus I may try to go lower since there is actually something at risk. Still some no deposit bonuses are so high that you will never clear them and should be avoided also. Frequently check how much playthrough you have done and how much is left. Normally, you can’t cash out more than a certain amount and so it is not worth it to keep playing once the bonus is cleared. I have personally made this mistake and lost hundreds of dollars on a bonus that was already mine!
  • Be descrete – Don’t play from 20 different computers and make infinite accounts. This is banned by any terms of service I have read and will prevent you from clearing a bonus. Verify your account as soon as possible. If you verify before you clear the bonus it’s obvious you did not try multiple bonuses in the past (which is what the verification process is looking for). Also, be aware of what is allowed and not, some casinos may or may not allow the location you are in.

That’s all for now, I hope this makes you some serious cash. Until next time, this is has been the Casino Daily Blog.


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