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Hello All! My name is John and I am a casino enthusiast. This is going to be about all things casino related. I mean food, drinks, games, and people. Feel free to join in the fun and excitement. I am a huge casino goer in Florida and normally hit up either the casino cruises or Indian ( Native American) casinos. There’s nothing better than the thrill of getting a big win, definitely contribute if you get a big score. Mostly, I’m going to focus on the quirkiness that is every day casino action. Some of the best things about the casino are the people. Personalities come in so many forms. Sometimes it’s the crazy dealer at your table cracking jokes or just having something about them that makes you smile. It can be equally as thrilling if you have someone at your table that is just a really neat person. You can feel like they have been your best friend even though you are just gambling together and sharing the same table. Casinos can be some of the most fun times in the world and also are a great American past time. Not to mention the food! Casino food is sooooo good. There are normally 4-5 star restaurants in any respectable casino that you visit. So what keeps you going back? Is it table games, slots, or the adventure? If I find any good casino compensations, I’ll definitely be posting them here. As a side note, I am also into some online gambling so for any of you that are strictly live players, please forgive me during these posts. That being said, I feel like a kid in the candy store creating something new. I’m sure that we will build this up to be one of the best communities around. Also a special thanks to my friend Bill. He is my casino bud that I look forward to every time I go in. He always keeps me happy by cracking jokes and giving great advice on what to do or how to play. He’s one of those old casino veterans that has a long line of experience and loves to give great advice! Any casino friends that want to post here, I’m definitely into quirky people and funny stories. Just leave a reply comment and I’ll try to find a spot to feature it in one of my main posts. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great week! Good luck at the casinos everyone and I look forward to some great feedback.


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